2018-2019 Students

Written by Phoenix Phan and Devon Geary

We teamed up to ask the students from all grades at Polytech about their CTE choices, what they’re proud of the most from their lives so far, and what they enjoyed about this school year. The questions we asked exactly were:

  1. What CTE did you sign up for and why? 
  2. What have you achieved in life? 
  3. What was your best experience this year? 

Dayanna Mejias 

Grade 11 

I signed up for EMT, Emergency Medical Technician, because it’s something that will benefit my career. 

My greatest achievement in life is being certified in CPR & First Aid and winning 1st place. 

My best experience is going to SkillsUSA in Pensacola. I had a great time going to the competition with my friends. 

Lindsey Wolf 

Grade 10 

I signed up for AGS because I’m interested in Animation. It’s always been my life goal and dream to become an artist and work for Pixar and one of their major works. 

I consistently kept my grades high and positive. It is what I’m proud of the most. 

Probably one of my best moment is the AP Capstone, because my group and I practiced throughout lunch the entire week before our presentation and the hard work paid off when we got a perfect score.  

Aby Mendez  

Grade 9 

I signed up for nursing but was placed in EMT. I’m so glad they put me in EMT because it’s even more perfect for me. I wanted something in healthcare because helping people has always been one of my strong suits.  

Most of my achievements have come from school related activities…so many academic and performing arts awards, but the one I’m most proud of is the Scholar Athlete Award.  

The best experience this year was being in yearbook club with my friends and getting a chance to photograph such beautiful people.  

Connor Farrell

Grade 11

I signed up for DVT because I want to learn how to create movies.

My greatest achievement and best thing that happened this year are the same: winning a Ringling writing competition.

Louie Faustino

Grade 11

I signed up for Electrical because it would be my back up job; electrical jobs are in demand; and learning a trade would be fun to learn and experience.

What I have achieved in life so far is that I am very close to getting my Eagle Scout as I am currently a Life Scout.

My best experience this year would be volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity as I learned how to set up receptacles, lights, and breakers.