A Pilot Speaks of Flying (to the SPHS 9th Grade)

Written by Cody McCauley

1st Officer Mary Ann Claret, from Silver Airlines, and the mother of one of our own students here at SPHS – Maria Dach – spoke to the 9th grade classes on Wednesday March 6th during Seminar. She spoke of her education, her job, and the benefits of jobs in the fields of aviation. 

Ms. Claret attended college at Emory Riddle College here in Florida where she studied Management and Piloting. She spoke of how during her freshman year, after completing three courses, she was able to get her pilot’s license and “solo” when she was only 18 years old. “Soloing” is when a pilot is able to fly on their own.  

She also spoke of how there are shortages in aviation labor market right now, with many jobs available from Air Traffic Controllers to Aviation Mechanics. She also said that the salaries are very good. 

Ms. Claret works for Silver Airlines full time and also has a part-time job flying for Mote Marine Research Laboratory on Lido Key doing manatee surveys. When describing this part-time job, she said it was an “amazing experience — a unique way to fly and see Sarasota.”

Throughout her career, she has worked in various fields in the aviation industry including the Avionics shop, as an airline attendant, as a flight instructor, and in airline management.  

She also spoke of groups and universities that are available to students of our ages (see photo). We all thank 1st Officer Claret for sharing her stories and experiences with the SPHS 9th grade. She truly has opened the eyes for many students to the benefits of working in the aviation industry.