Amazing Student Art


Bella Ocasio

This was a drawing for my friend’s 16th birthday. I spent 5 and a half hours on it, staying up until 3 am to finish it. I also wanted this piece to be a practice of a less cartoon-like art style.



Phoenix Phan

War: I’ve been dreaming of dystopian world, seeing devastating views. These images were still in my head until I let them all out on a piece of paper. I guess the best way of fighting against war is through art.


Constellations PP

Phoenix Phan

Constellations: When we’re together, we created something far better than what we would be individually, like stars in constellations.



Josette Compagniony

Ivy:  “Ivy” is about a 17 year old girl named Ivy. She’s loud, independent, and will stand up for what she believes in. Often dubbed as aggressive, Ivy is actually one of the kindest souls one will ever meet. She may not be the most intelligent, but she’s the bravest person you’ll ever meet. “Ivy’s character is based off an old friend of mine from Detroit.