Barnes & Noble Night

Written by Brianna Barron 

On December 4, Barnes and Noble held an annual event to benefit SPHS and where many of the students helped out. From game development to painting, there were many cool things and activities to see. National Honor Society was a club that participated in the event, and there was food to eat and even gift wrapping for shoppers. I did get to interview some of the students who were part of AGS, and asked questions about their current work. One of their projects is a cool and unique idea — a roleplaying game!  

When interviewing them I had asked questions like: “what they do, both, in AGS and their project?” or “how do you guys make the music for your project?” and “how long it takes for them to make a full game?” 

They replied how in AGS they are focusing on making games and how they’re working on a roleplaying game, and handed us a book with pictures of the environment and their ideas, what the visuals and animation would look like, and their own characters. They mentioned how they had recorded dialogues for the game and have recorded music for it. They talked about how they have a recording room with a few instruments.

This current project that they’ve been working on has taken a couple of months to just get the whole idea and concept towards the characters and design. They are currently still working on the project to finalize it for the competition in Skills USA.