An Amazing Day at the Beach…Cleanup

Written by Brianna Barron

Recently, on Saturday the 21st of September, there was a coastal beach clean up that took place at Lido Key. By the end of the cleanup there were fifteen trash bags and twelve recycling bags. While cleaning up there were many bizarre items that were picked up from pants, shoes, to even a pillow. We also found a doorstop lying on the beach, as well as lots of foam, plastic, cans, and even paper. Not only were Polytech NHS students there helping out, but also other NHS students from Sarasota High School participated and even employees from Cat Depot.  

I interviewed Mr. Bellon for this event, since he is the advisor for NHS and the Math Club, which are the two clubs that sponsored the coastal clean-ups:  

1. “How much trash was picked up?”  

“We collected 12 bags of recycling goods and 15 bags of trash.” 

2. “Are you going to open it up to school or keep it an NHS event?” 

“It was already opened up, the event was advertised, and everyone was invited to join. It was sponsored by National Honor Society and the Math club, but everyone was invited. So yes, whenever we do this we always invite the entire school.” 

3. “Was Polytech partnering with Sarasota High school’s NHS?” 

“We had students from other schools including Pine View and Sarasota High. They joined us because their group didn’t show up or they couldn’t find their group, so they joined us.” 

4. “What was the company we worked for?”  

“The company that sponsored the coastal cleanup was the Sarasota County Ecology Department and ‘Keep Sarasota Beautiful’ organization.” 

5. “How does the process work with that? (For example, is someone going to come and pick up the trash later on and how is the location picked?) 

“Ok, so we left the trash there and then someone from Sarasota County, comes and they then take it to their facilities where they would distribute the recycling and the trash with the other trash that was collected, since this event was going all over.”   

There will be two more beach cleanups happening soon; the date hasn’t been decided yet though. If you like you can always stop by Mr. Bellon’s room in the Junior quad and/or send him an email at: