Blackout Robotics Rules the World

Written by Aby Mendez

Huge Congratulations To: Rafael Treminio Bravo, Candice Moore, Quinn Coomer, Armand Segui, and Cannon Spencer

We decided to have a follow up interview with the Blackout Robotics team and got to learn some pretty interesting stuff about what it takes to have such a successful and victorious team. I asked Rafael what his initial reaction was to the wins and he said,“We were expecting to get something, and we got three trophies so we were like ‘woah’ we’re pretty good this year.”

So far this team has collected a stunning 28 trophies. “We’ve won all the important competitions, the ones we care about.” In order to have a triumphant team like this one you’ll need patience , time, dedication, and more dedication. The amount of work this team puts into their robot is “ A LOT OF HOURS.” Just as they thought the robot was ready for its next competition a few “crucial” changes and touches had to be made, with each touch up Rigor (aka Riga, Rigger, the robot’s name) seemed great, but this group strives for perfection.

With so much pressure, I wondered if they ever bumped heads or got mad at each other, and to my surprise they didn’t… This team has wonderful team dynamics and communication skills. And of course lots of healthy competition and rivalry goes on amongst all of the teams. When they’re not building, programming, driving, or note taking , they spend time mentoring Vex teams at  Brookside Middle. “Brookside is our child” and they sure have big shoes to fill.

Before coming into this I really thought they had some Battlebot thing going, but Rafael says that realistically a lot of the pieces that you see go flying in the movies are very important and the robot simply would not function without them. No  one would want to put all that time into a project just to watch it get obliterated by another team… “We don’t kill robots.” The boys have also made it very clear that they don’t just sit around and do “nerd stuff” all day.

Don’t worry we consider you the football team of Polytech. And just like any other sports team, we students should make an effort to show up to their competitions. “We would really to have people supporting us !” He said. They also need to get some merchandise out because you can’t have fans if they’re not “reppin” your team.

With such bright and talented students on this team I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent Rigor to space some day.

I’m addition to to this win they also received three other trophies last weekend.

Excellence Award

Tournament Champions

Design Award

Be sure to check out their Instagram page for more: blackout6105c