SPHS at Barnes and Noble 

Written by Keira Geary


Wednesday, December 5th was the Polytech Bookfair at Barnes and Noble. The Bookfair, which was held by Mr. Bellón and Mrs. Gissal, helped raise money for the school.

Among all the wonderful books you could buy, you could also see the games AGS created for the last open house. AGS created games targeted towards children and teenagers, which included an anti-gravity space themed maze, a shooter game, and a word-based puzzle game.

Additionally, TSA and VEX were there displaying their trophies from their competitions and the robots that they have created.

Furthermore, there were also authors showing off their latest books and talking with students.  Our own teacher, Jessica Plowman, wrote a book and they were for sale. Congratulations to all who participated; it was great to see our SPHS unity representing during such a great event.