Spirit Week: Clash-of-Classes Friday

By Isabella Ocasio


Pride comes in many forms. At Polytech, it comes in the form of colors and grade level. On October 26th, for the 2018 spirit week, students were encouraged to display their reverence for their class by wearing the color palette associated with their grade level. Freshmen wear green; sophomores wear blue and white; juniors wear red and yellow; and seniors wear purple and black.

However, many of the Spirit Week days were color-related. Simple colors quickly became old and it simply wasn’t enough to settle which class had the most pride. A competition must be put in place! And so, a deadly tug-of-war was decided on. First, freshmen clashed with the sophomores. Then the juniors and seniors brawled. In the end, it was the sophomores up against the seniors in an exciting tug-of-war. The seniors proudly came out on top!

There was still one final game of tug-of-war. Teachers went at it, and in a brutal game, they tied.

After participating, students could relax – or watch their teammates in the game – and eat. Hundreds of boxes of pizza, endless numbers of candy, and sweet snacks were provided at the event. The lunch period was completely replaced with a thrilling game for all students to enjoy.

But now that the final day of spirit week came and went, everyone’s itching to know: which grade level had the most spirit?! Well, the seniors earned first place! Freshmen came second, in a very close call with the Juniors who won third; freshmen and junior class switched places nearly every day. Sophomores came in last.

With the Royal Court Dance later that day, Clash of Classes and an electrifying game of tug-of-war was a memorable way to bring Spirit Week to a close.