Community Service Party: Over 25 Hours

Written by Devon Geary

100 volunteer hours are needed to graduate Polytech and keep your laptop/surface, as well as qualify for the Bright Futures scholarship volunteer requirement. The goal for each grade is to get 25 hours a year so students aren’t too stressed out about getting their hours. It also helps make each student aware of the hours requirement right away so they can start working toward 100, or finish them early and get extra, which can help earn them scholarships.

The Freshman 25 was a party for the freshmen that already have 25 hours completed. The kids that attended earned 25 or more hours over the summer before school started; and they were rewarded with food, and school merchandise. This party was also to encourage the students to continue their hours, and help remind those that haven’t started to begin looking for places to volunteer and make them aware of who they can talk with to help find them places. The top three freshman with the most hours were Lexi Butrum with 185 hours, Michael Jones with over 130 hours, and Alec Morgan with 30 hours; Lexi and Michael were awarded with sweatshirts for their hours.

When asked how they got their hours, Lexi and Alec said they volunteered at CIT camp, camps in general, church, and the Boys and Girls Club. They recommend all of these organizations for students just starting or continuing their hours. They both also recommend that students start their hours as soon as they can because some are fun to do and volunteering early eases the burden in your later high school years. Volunteering also helps out the community and helps students connect to their society, which can be rewarding in itself.

Mrs. Fuller was interviewed about her views on the community service requirement, and she thinks that it is important for students to adhere to the pillars of our school, of which volunteering is one. She explained that volunteering helps teens gain skills needed to be successful adults. Some of the skills volunteering can teach include time management, communication, dependability, and customer service. Most employers would also be more willing to hire students with good grades and community service, since they know they’re getting a worthwhile candidate. If students develop these skills early in life it’ll help them become quality adults and ready for their future.

Congratulations to Lexi, Michael, and Alec for your community service hours, and good luck to everyone as you work toward completing 100 hours!