Dr. Raney, New Program Manager 

Interviewed by Isabella Ocasio 

After our farewells to Dr. Livingston, Dr. Michael Raney, born and raised in Florida, is Suncoast Polytech’s new Assistant Principal–better known as the Program Manager here at SPHS.

Dr. Raney was the Assistant Principal at Murdoc Middle School in Charlotte County for three years. He then moved to Riverview High School, where he taught Algebra I as an Exceptional Student Education course. Once he heard about the opportunity at Polytech, Dr. Raney asked others at Riverview what Suncoast Polytech is like. They promised him that it’s a great place to be with quality staff, students, and teachers – and here he is now! Upon being asked what he would like to accomplish, Dr. Raney proudly said, “I want to do whatever it takes to help every student be as successful as they can possibly be. That is my measure of success.” 

Dr. Raney was happy to talk about his experiences in high school and college. First, a piece of advice from him to students is to have a broad perspective and accept the fact that there is going to be a lot of change in both yourself and your life. Second, for those who wish to earn their doctorate in college, be warned that it takes a toll on you, your finances, and your time – but in the end, the pride and sense of accomplishment is worth it. 

Overall, Dr. Raney is excited for Polytech’s promises of exceptional performance and staff.  

Below are some quotes and highlights from Dr. Michael Raney, SPHS Program Manager:  

  • “The first thing I wanna do is not get in the way of the success Polytech has had. I wanna do whatever it takes to help every student be as successful as they can possibly be. That is my measure of success; it’s not in anything that I do, but the success of the students that are here. “
  • “The biggest thing is things are going to change. Your perspectives, likes, dislikes are likely to change”
  • “Rather than tying yourself to one place, you need to have a broad perspective of what is out there in the future.”
  • Taught ESE Algebra 1 at Riverview High School; was there since the start of this school year in August. 
  • Had always taught Math.
  • He has high expectations, and he’s very excited to be here, both because of the quality of the staff and teachers, and the quality of the students: “The uniqueness of this school was really attractive.”