First-Person Account: Spirit Week Games

Written by Sierra Smith

Spirit week was a lot of fun, but I personally always love participating in the games. On the Thursday we played dodge ball out on the hope court and the excitement coming from everyone and my team members was absolutely exhilarating, even if I was hesitant about playing before, I was in the game now. In my grade not a lot of girls signed up, so I was able to play a few rounds, most of which I cowered back and passed balls to those who were good at throwing all while dodging the balls thrown at me; the not so weak link. The Seniors and Juniors went head to head and the Seniors, as per usual, dominated the game but then it was time for sophomores vs. freshmen.

Freshmen always have high hopes about wining and they are into the game just as much as the rest of us, but being able to crush those hopes was quite fun. Sophomores were dodging and throwing with all their might, while freshmen had way too many kids playing and were easy targets, but they put up a good fight for what they had.

Next it was time for the ultimate Sophomores vs. Seniors game, two strong-headed teams ready to battle it out. While the score board went back and forth with wins, many Sophomores, including myself were chanting and screaming our heads off in support for our fellow Sophomores. During one of the rounds, when both teams had few members left, a Sophomore by the name of Evan made the most epic catch that I have ever witnessed. A blue dodge-ball flew from the Senior side all the way to the Sophomore side, about to hit the ground, making it seemingly uncatchable, but Evan slid across the court and dove for the ball, catching it and taking out the last senior; this was a win meant for the books.

We did not win the dodge-ball game but a mentionable moment is definitely when we were going head to head with the Seniors and someone decided to throw a loaf of bread instead of a ball, which caused a chorus of chants saying “LET’S GET THIS BREAD!” from the Sophomores. Oh, how we love our meme culture.

The next day, the game of choice was Tug of War, and war it was. Since the grass was wet from the rain, the whole event was shifted to the HOPE court, where food was supplied, and then in the grass next to it the game took place.  First up was Freshman vs. Sophomores; the original game was best 2 out of 3, but to give the Freshman more of a chance and to lengthen the game it was changed to best 4 out of 5. Sophomores obviously won, with the 4 out of 5, and there was one match where the Freshman got the upper hand, by using way too many people and they finally pulled the rope on their side.

After that match, Freshman and Sophomores went to go eat and relax while the Senior vs Juniors match went down, so I cannot give you a play by play of those matches; but, let’s just say, Seniors dominated the game. All these matches were very teamwork-to-the-max-oriented: we made game plans and teachers screamed for their grade to win. Hands were always in the middle it was always time to chant.

The ultimate game, Sophomores and Seniors met again, blue vs. purple. Everyone’s hands were in the air so that no one had the upper hand at grabbing the rope, the whistle blew and we all dove down, pulling with all our might. Knowing we might fall or get hurt, all that mattered was winning, and we were all for it. Each side made inhumane noises, yanking, but the Sophomores were no match for the Seniors.

A few more matches went down like this, and then it happened… I dove for the rope but the kid in front of me was faster. As he was coming up, I was going down and I busted my lip against his forehead. I still tried to tug on the rope, but we were already losing, and I was in pain. Sadly, after that match I was rushed to the nurse and was unable to finish the game.

We all know the Seniors won, reigning as ultimate winners of the games until next year. Who will next year’s winner be? No one knows, maybe it could be your grade, better start preparing.