Freshman Perspective: Open House

Written by Cassie Thomas

Just a couple of week ago we had open house on September 12th. This was a fun time for students and parents to get to know many things about what will happen in some of their classes as well as what other CTE’s do. It’s the most dreadful day for students with poor grades to start the year; but also, it’s the best day for parents who like to torture their children by finding a favorite teacher and finding out top secret information. Just kidding.   

One student, Josette Compagniony, had an amazing experience and had this to say about it. “It was more organized then it was last year, and the teachers seemed to actively participate, and it was generally a great way to get to know your teachers.”  

Words from Ms. Richardson, a Speech, English and Applied Communications teacher, “I thought that open house was splendid, and it was fun to see students showing around their parents and it was nice to see students I taught in 9th grade that I now teach in 10th grade. It was sad, though, that I wasn’t able to personally see the activities in the STC atrium. But, I was able to picture it nicely by some students who told me about the experiences they had there.” 

Another student Reagan West-Dimitry said “I thought it was interesting to see how many clubs that we have here at SPHS. I didn’t know we had so many.” 

A few words from 9th grader, Brianna Allen: “It was a good experience for my parents to meet all my teachers and I had fun in the STC atrium where I was cooking my own Smores, indoors.” 

  Like the saying goes at my previuos middle school, Booker Middle: “Scholars make dollars.” So Renegades, work to do your best this year, and every year, so you can really enjoy Open House the way it should be enjoyed.