Friday – Clash of the Classes

Written by Keira Geary

Clash of the Classes wrapped up this year’s Spirit Week celebrations. To show spirit and support for SPHS, each grade level dressed up according to their class colors. Freshmen wore green and white, Sophomores wore blue and white, Juniors wore red and yellow, and Seniors wore the school colors: brick orange and Vegas gold. There was, however, a unifying moment from the Seniors in regards to their designated choice of class colors. This year SPHS changed the official Senior class colors from black and purple to the official school colors, brick orange and Vegas gold. The Seniors unified on Friday and dressed head to toe in black and purple. 

Everyone gathered under the Pavilion during Seminar, as Friday was also the continuation of the Spirit Week games. The grade levels went head-to-head during an exciting game of dodgeball, with the Seniors coming in first place. The final match of Thursday’s tug-of-war game also took place between the Sophomores and the Seniors, with the Seniors taking their second win for the day. Overall, the Clash of the Classes united each grade level and was a great way to end this year’s Spirit Week.