Game Club News

Written by Eva Lopez

Do you like to be entertained? In a group? Perhaps alone? Strategic games? Mystery games? Then come down to the game club! The club is held in Mrs. Badovinac’s room on Tuesday from 2:15 to 3:15. In this club anyone is free to come down and bring games of their own choosing. A member must have at least a “c” or higher to be in the club. However, grade checks are random and occasional. Overall the club is an friendly environment, where any one can simply come and enjoy themselves until it ends at 3:15. While there are many games people play in the club, there are two main games that people play: Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Dungeons and Dragons.

Super Smash Bros is a game with a plentitude of characters that each have different movements and attacks. In this game players fight against one another until only one remains. We have many people who play together in this battle royal game. The game is often connected to Mrs. Badovinac’s active board and enlarged for everyone to clearly see. This a game where multiple people come together and enjoy a heated competition. If you wish to play this game for an hour straight, I suggest you come down and play in the game club!

Dungeons and Dragons is a game where people come together to participate in role play. Stories are completely made up by the DM aka the dungeon master and players make their characters. Whether you fail or win is up to the dice, but choices are freely made by the players. The entirety of the game is purely made of imagination and creativity. It is a game that any one can enjoy in a group big or small. If this type of game is your cup of tea, then come down to the game club at your earliest convenience!

In the end the game club is a place where people gather to simply enjoy themselves with any type of game be it video games, card games, or even board games. Games can even be brought into the club to play by students themselves. Find something you want to do and come down to the game club! I’m sure the experience will always be a joy!