Have Fun this Summer, AND Be Productive

By Cody McCauley

Year after year students are ecstatic about the upcoming summer break. There are various activities people do during their summer break; some being summer camps, working, traveling, and many more. However, there is always that boring time span that pops up during summer break; this is a great time to be productive. You could be productive by getting your volunteer hours done, applying for scholarships, and applying to colleges.  

There are many opportunities to get your volunteer hours through different organizations or companies. One is volunteering at the Humane Society of Sarasota Florida; this gives you an opportunity to be with animals (fun!) and get your hours (productive!). Community Mobil Meals is also a non-profit organization that makes meals for people who need them; you could get your hours and be a part of a great cause. You could also volunteer at Mote Marine Laboratory supporting local marine research. While these are a few examples, there are lots more.  

Applying for scholarships has never been easier now that you can apply for them online. Also, there are scholarships for just about anything. There are scholarships for sports, scholarships for certain majors, and even raffle type scholarships where you don’t have to do anything besides enter. One website you can find these on is “niche.com.” Another website you can find these scholarships on is “fastweb.com.” Don’t forget that every penny counts as far as scholarships go. 

Most college applications are also online. But first, research the colleges you are thinking about attending; and, research which of those have the major you want. It is also necessary to find out what the requirements are to go to that college, such as minimum GPA and SAT or ACT scores. Once you find this out, it’s a good idea to start looking into applying. Some websites make it easy to apply to college; like “commonapp.org” is a great website, allowing you to apply to several colleges at the same time. Otherwise application information should be on the college of your choice’s website, under the admissions.  

While you are busy during summer having fun, make the most of it because that is what summer is for. But, when the summer down time hits, don’t forget to be productive and cross some of those items off your “to do list.”