Monday – Decades Day

Written by Anthony Cuffaro 

From October 28th to November 1st, SPHS had its annual spirit week. It was promoted around the school, on morning announcements, and on the school website. There is a great importance to participating in spirit week. Spirit week gets students to express their school spirit throughout the whole week.  

Monday, October 28th was Decades Day. Students were able to dress up as their favorite decade. For example, the roaring 20’s or 60’s hippies. A great number of students participated, and most of the administration joined in as well.  

Other days of the week included Tacky Tourist, Breast Cancer and Diabetes awareness, Character day, and Clash of the classes. This all led up to Thursday’s Tug of war and Friday’s Dodgeball. Later, Friday night was SPHS’s 2019 Homecoming Dance.