Written by Brianna Barron

music notes

There is so much music nowadays that you can listen to, including pop, electronic, hip-pop, country, etc. Many songs that you listen to have meaning to them: some are love songs, break up songs, etc. Here are a few old songs that fit the bill: “Closing Time” by Semisonic, “Imagine” by John Lennon, “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5.

Personally, I’m more into Latin pop songs. One song that I’ve been recently listening to is a Spanish song by Santiago called, “Como decirte que te quiero,” which means: “How do I say to you that I love you.” I know, a love song; but for me this song has more meaning to me than just being a love song; the melody or beat, was something that I really like about it.

Melody/Beat: the song starts off with the piano playing the melody of the song, guitar, electric guitar, and drums later added. Even with all these instruments included, throughout the song, the melody is like a catchy, good beat, that makes you want to sing along to it, or hum it in some cases. The beat of the song really goes with the lyrics and both the lyrics and the beat create a little spark together.

Meaning: the meaning behind this song is how two different people, a girl and a boy, have a hard time confessing to their loved one that he/she likes that person. They talk about how they feel, and how that person makes them feel, by their side, or gone. It’s a song that makes you feel that it wasn’t written in a few seconds, but was written towards that person’s feelings, what they have gone through. For most people, it’s a song that you can really relate to.


Whenever you’re listening to a song, take some time to comprehend the song: is it something that you can relate to? What’s the meaning of the song? Or message? Does it have a sad beat, or melody? Or is it just a fast beat that makes you want to dance around. Also, don’t just listen to one type of genre of music–go beyond and listen to other types. You’ll be happy you did.