Romeo and Juliet

Written by Aby Mendez

On October 11th after school, the Asolo Repertory Theatre presented an FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to the students of SPHS. The play was adapted and directed by Tyler Dobrowsky.    There was a very large turn-out of over 100 students, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the play. Special thanks to Mr. Disz for coordinating this great event. We are very lucky to experience these cultural events, where we can bring to life many of the texts that we read in class!   

Here is what some students thought:  

  1. Marianni Johnson 

I liked how they interpreted it to a 90s generation and kept the dialect, but still made it fun and fresh. Mercutio was my favorite because he was the one that made jokes and stuck by his best friends’s side. I liked both the book and the performance.  

2. Josh Bowen: 

My favorite part was when the friar married Romeo and Juliet. Friaf was my favorite character; he was chill and looked like Jesus with his sandals and hair. I liked reading it too. 

3. Alexis Butrum:  

    I liked how they performed and how some actors combined characters. I like the play because it was more interesting sitting and watching then just sitting and reading. 

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