Senior Perspective: Open House

Written by Phoenix Phan

Suncoast Technical College and Polytechnical High School commenced their Open House night on the Thursday September 12, for families to visit and see what the school has to offer.

The Open House in definition is a place holding an event in which all visitors are welcome. Visitors, registrants and guests can attend to participate in this exciting experience. Visitors can meet teachers to understand the curriculum and look for potential concerns. They can also seek opportunities and be committed to help out the school spirit. 

The Open House event is full of opportunities for students and their parents to visit the school and become acclimated for this school year of 2019-20. Students of SPHS volunteered during Open House to help with the many booths, to display their hardworking effort, and to assist visitors. In the SPHS atrium, many tables were set up for activities, marketing, contests, and donations. The Hurricane Dorian Donation Drive station was filled with supplies, food, and clothing to help the Bahamas and the people of the East Coast of the US who have been affected by the hurricane. Chess Club was very active, filled with competitive players involved in chess matches. Lastly, the AGS program (Art/Game/Simulation) displayed games and artworks to share for visitors who are interested in creative projects. 

The Suncoast Technical College provides quality technical education to meet workforce development and community needs. The STC faculty was very busy and filled with visitors. Career programs were crowded as well, with a groups of people wanting to watch skillful students show their work and talents. The Emergency Medical Technology program put out a live demonstration of their students showing their skills. There were children enjoying activities at the Early Childhood Education station. Culinary station served S’mores and pastries to feature their best work. Many people were very intrigued about the Krispy Kreme sales and the Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser breakfast to support SkillsUSA for money to travel to the state competitions. 

The purpose of the Open House night is for visitors and/or parents to be connected to the school’s association and learn more about the student goals and their futures with career technologies. Open house is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about what students have been doing in school, and what this amazing school has to offer every student. 

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