Senior Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Written by Isabella Ocasio 

Being in the middle of fall, everyone’s favorite holidays are coming up – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more! However, this is Florida. There are no color-changing trees to get us pumped for fall, nor a winter wonder land of Christmas spirit.  

Fortunately, the senior class at Polytech can help everyone get into the holiday spirit with holiday-themed candles and gifts!  

Every year at Polytech, the senior class has a Yankee Candle fundraiser. Not only will it help us Floridians get into the holiday spirit, but it will also save hundreds of dollars for seniors. 12th grade isn’t cheap – the mandatory senior fee is $50, ordering a cap and gown is $39, Grad Bash is $150, and prom is $75! This all adds up to a monstrous $319. As if saving money wasn’t amazing enough, seniors also get 2 community service hours for every $10! Getting 100 community service hours required for graduation (and for the highest level of Bright Futures, an amazing scholarship opportunity) can be difficult, but selling $100 worth of Yankee Candles will get you 50 hours – halfway there!  

Some customers may want to use a check or a debit/credit card. Checks must be written payable to Suncoast Polytechnical High School. If a customer wants to use a card, they can still order their candle or other product online! First, you will have to make an account with (all you have to do is give an email and a name). Then, if someone wishes to use a card, tell them to go to to shop for their perfect candle and to put your first and last name when the option comes up at the checkout. If the customer does not put your name, the funds will not be put under your name. 

Don’t forget – there are more than just candles to sell. A quick look in the catalogue shows car fresheners, gift wrap, scented room spray, wax warmers and wax melts, bakeware, school supplies and more. 

To turn in your funds, give your collected money to Ms. Effron in the front office. Ms. Effron will then give you a receipt. Give this receipt to Ms. McNellis on the far right of the Senior Quad. Report to Ms. McNellis for any other questions.  

Seniors, you have until November 1st to collect funds. As for all other grades – be sure to help out your favorite senior. They’ll need it!