Short Story – Blur

Written by Brianna Barron

              One rainy and windy night, there lied a small puppy quietly sleeping on his bed. As the thunder could be heard from outside his window, he still slept quickly as can be. Then, all of the sudden a streak of lightning could be seen, and a ruckus of thunder boomed, shaking the household. Quickly, the puppy awoke and ran towards his owner’s bed where he lied under the bed sheets.

The little girl smiled as she held her puppy and calmly petted him, telling him that everything was going to be fine. At last, the storm had gone, and the sun shined in where the little girl had awoken and so did her puppy. The girl, who’s named Alice, wasn’t a typical little girl, because she kept a secret of her own.

Her powers are a mystery, yet useful, where she can control things using her mind. Telekinesis, a gift given to her, unexplained but hers. She usually does most of her chores while her mother is off to the village. After she’s done she usually plays around in her patio along with her puppy, Oliver. Both, Alice and Oliver loved to play with one another, those two could never be separated from one another. Those two had it all: a home, a loving family and a bonded friendship.

Little did they know that their fate was about to change, as Alice’s mom had arrived back from the village she entered her house and began to prepare supper. Meanwhile, Alice was still outside playing with her toys and her puppy until her mom would call her to come inside and wash up her hands. Her next-door neighbor, Brad, who’s usually a jerk to Alice had decided to watch her play from his steps while calling her names. It was nothing really new for Alice since she would usually just ignore him, but suddenly a couple of cop cars parked in front of Alice’s house and she, along with her puppy, ran inside to her mother.

While Brad disappeared into his home, both policemen had knocked on the door and Alice’s mom opened it. She asked what was going on, why they were here. They had told her about the news of mysterious paranormal events coming from their house. Alice’s heart froze, how? How would anyone know about her secret? She had never shown it to anyone, never talked about it, nor does her own mother know about it. So how did these policemen know about it? How did the town know about it? They continued to talk, but her mom insisted that there were no such thing as paranormal events and that those rumors were false. Finally, she led them inside the house to show them around so they could see for themselves there was no “paranormal activities” going on. Once they started to investigate they found nothing that related to the rumors, and so decided to let it go, but before they were about to leave, that’s when Brad came out of house and ran to them telling them that Alice was the one with the paranormal powers.

She couldn’t move instead she stood there looking at what Brad had done; Alice’s mom couldn’t believe what he had said nor could the police officers. They all looked puzzled at what he had just said, until he showed them a video, a video of Alice moving one of her toys without her hands. The little girl had forgotten that one day when she was in her backyard playing with Oliver, she had decided to work on her telekinesis. Brad had happened to be playing in his backyard when he had heard Alice and decided to scare her, while intending to do so Brad had peeked through the fence and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Alice, his next-door neighbor, was making her toys fly on their own; he was shocked and terrified, he had to record this on his phone. Everyone turned to her and were horrified, except for her own mother who wanted to calm down the situation. It happened so fast that the police had slowly tried to get a hold of her but all she could do was scream from fear, a loud unexplained explosion happened, and everything had just become a blur.