Sleep Deprivation, I Need a Nap

Written by Reagan West 

Sleep deprivation has hit us once in our lifetime and usually pretty hard too. You know how hard it is to get up, get ready and focus on what you must do all day. Although sleep deprivation is already hard enough, imagine how hard it is for high school students. On top of that they must deal with the real world. How do we even cope with it? 

Imagine getting up at 5 or 6, not being hungry or not even eating a semi-healthy breakfast, having to drag yourself out of bed, getting ready for learning, and dashing out the door for either the bus or the dreadful car ride to school. From a high school student’s point of view, school takes a pretty big toll on the body and mind. It’s exhausting being a teenager in high school; the learning and our personal lives are almost unbearable. On top of that, social stress and normal high school stress is draining. 

Sleep deprivation is something we can avoid by being more proficient during the day. Put down your devices an hour before you go to sleep because your cognitive stimulation suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Okay I must wrap this up now… I need a nap. 

When people get insufficient sleep or sleep deprived, they can get frustrated easily, they can get goofy, they have a hard time focusing, they can develop eye bags, they have puffy eyes, their brains slow down, and their skin ages. The brain of an adolescent is scientifically proven to start working at 10 AM. High school should start later because our brains would be more active, and we would be in a better mood.  Okay I must wrap this up now… I need a nap.