SPHS Beach Clean-Up

Written by Rogelio Gomez

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On December 7th, 2019, there was a cleanup at Lido Beach for all students to attend, hosted by the one and only Ricardo Bellón. Teams of 3 or 4 students were scattered around different sections of the beach and were assigned to pick up as much as trash as possible. Many were surprised by some of the strange items that were found, such as an entire bottle of anti-depressants, a plank of wood in perfect shape, a pipe full of ants, and much more. When the cleanup was finished, all of the trash buckets that the groups filled up were weighed. In the end we collected over 49kg (kilograms) of trash. As a side assignment for everyone to do while picking up trash, Bellón tasked the groups to count how many cigarette butts they found. After we all re-grouped and put together our individual totals, a final total of 606 cigarette butts were found throughout the beach. When all of it was done, we had a nice cookout, and everyone went home. All in all, whether you came for the cause, the community service hours, or the food, it was a good time.