SPHS VEX Travels to World Championships

By Cody McCauley 

The SPHS VEX team placed in the top ten in the recent state competition, which allows them to travel and compete in the upcoming World Championships. This celebrated and accomplished VEX team is comprised of Adam Shick (12th grade), Armand Segui (9th grade), Quinn Commer (9th grade), Cannon Spencer (9th grade), and Rafael Treminio Bravo (9th grade).  

The World Championships, being held in Louisville, KY from April 24th to the 27th, will host 580 of the best VEX teams from around the world. Now that is some serious competition!  

Mrs. Kuhns, whose robotics lab is in the 9th Quad, is their outstanding advisor, and she has really taken this program from its start and built it up into a world contender. The team’s previous advisor from Brookside Middle School, Joel Kaplan, will be accompanying the team to the World Championships as a chaperone. 

Armand Segui said that his inspiration when competing for the VEX team is Elon Musk and Kyle Ford, a legendary leader of a robotics team from South Florida. 

The robot that they constructed, which operates from a hand-held control and shoots VEX balls at targets on specially designed courses, is named Rigor. It is a funny little thing, but it sure has some moves, and a great throwing arm. 

When asked about what made the VEX team so special, Quinn Commer responded, “Everything!” He also said that the competitions were “stressful, fun, and nail-biting.” When competing against the world’s best, we can only imagine.  

Make sure to wish them – and Rigor – good luck if you see them in the halls of SPHS. They certainly are something that makes us proud to be at SPHS.