Spirit Themes

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Monday – Schools Colors 

Written by Devon Geary

Walking into school at 7:10 Monday morning, there were already plenty of students donning the school colors. Vegas Gold and Brick flashed about the quads as students headed to class throughout the day. During lunch there was at least one student at each table showing their school spirit.

Student Council members wore their Vegas Gold shirts, other students found yellow shirts, red pants, and utilized face paint. While those two colors seemed a little difficult for some to find, school spirit was high that day and both students and teachers participated in wearing Vegas Gold and/or Brick.


Tuesday – Tacky Tourist

Written by Ethan Schwalm

The enjoyment of traveling has been around since the beginning of time, first it was Columbus traveling to the Americas to now, a family going to Disney World™.  We dawned the attire of these strange people who call themselves tourists, with their floral button-ups, cargo shorts and straw hats.

Here at SPHS we celebrate the tradition of dressing-up like a tacky tourist. Being in a highly sought-after location for vacations, we all know too well what the local tourist looks like.


Wednesday  – Warrior Wednesday

Written Keira Geary

October 24 was Warrior Wednesday. Warrior Wednesday was set up to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. According to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and the second most common cancer overall. It is a leading cause of cancer death in less developed countries and the second leading cause of cancer death in American women, exceeded only by lung cancer.” While mainly in women, about 1% of men are diagnosed with breast cancer as well. The goal of bringing awareness to breast cancer is to increase the public’s knowledge and overall insight of the cancer. In recent years, breast cancer awareness campaigns have been highly effective in gaining attention and knowledge of this cancer in recent years.

Pink, more specifically, the pink ribbon, is the international symbol and color, of breast cancer. So naturally, on October 24, Warrior Wednesday, we wore pink to bring awareness and show support.


To find out more about Breast Cancer you can read these articles:






Thursday – Character Day

Written by Devon Geary

Character Day was a favorite for some, with the ability to dress as your favorite character from movies, shows, or books to school. Last year there were about two dinosaurs roaming the quads, Link, a wolf, Arthur, and other interesting characters. This year, the spotlight was stolen by a costumes such as Raven, Spiderman, a shark, and Merida, among other fantastic costumes. It also included a game of dodge-ball against the different grade levels.