Go Ahead SPHS, Paint Your Space!

Written by Isabella Ocasio 

Even if artistic ability isn’t everyone’s best skill, traditional art, whether it be classwork doodles, whiteboard drawings, concept sketches, or fully colored pieces, is a way for anyone to express themselves. Permitting this kind of self-expression in education is a great way for students to leave their school with happy memories. One way Polytech does this is through Paint Your Space, an event held in the first quarter of the school year in which students pay $10 to pick a parking spot in the SPHS parking lot… and paint it! 

The yearly event was held last Saturday, September 21st from 9am-12pm. Mrs. McNellis, the psychology and US history teacher, along with some volunteers and members of student council were there to supply painting materials, including large paint rollers, brooms to brush leaves off a parking space, large brushes, and, of course, the paint. Snacks and drinks were also supplied – after all, it’s important to stay hydrated in the Florida sun. Some students brought their own materials too, such as duct tape (to paint perfectly straight lines or shapes) and spray paint. 

Various designs can be painted on one’s parking space. Spot UU is an artistic reference to the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun, spot JJJ is a comedic drawing of a bird, KK is a vibrant but simple landscape, MM contains Jackson Pollock-like splatter-paint art, and there are many other diverse paintings that students put a lot of effort into. 

There will be a second Paint Your Space event this Saturday, September 28th for students who began their masterpiece but did not finish it, or students who could not attend the first event. You must have a driver’s license to pick your own spot to paint; but, if you don’t have one, you can still go to the event this Saturday. Plenty of people attended the event just to help a friend paint their spot, help out the volunteers, or just have fun with their Saturday morning. Additionally, you can only choose a spot in the high school’s parking lot to paint, not the college. Paint Your Space also counts for volunteer hours for ALL attendees so remember to sign in if you go and then get your hours logged by Mrs. McNellis afterwards.  

Renegades – check out the art pieces students have painted in the SPHS parking lot and keep an eye out for any new ones after this Saturday! 

Spring Fling

Written by Aby Mendez

Suncoast Polytechnical High School Spring Dance March 8, 2019 “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ― Martha Graham

This is Polytech’s last all- school dance of the year, and the turnout was great! A big thanks to our SPHS student council members, DJ Dan, and the Boosters for making this such a great night. The music selection this evening was mainly from student requests. The Classics: Cotton- eye Joe, Cha-Cha Slide. Although the dance circle didn’t last for more then 4 minutes, our over enthusiastic DJ surely made it a night to remember.

Photo Gallery

The light show on the ceiling was pretty cool and it definitely amped up the party.

Braden, Johnny, and Gavin had the unique idea to make a jump rope out of glow sticks.

If you thought the jump rope was something many students played UNO at tables and on the dance floor (I wonder whose idea it was to bring a card game to the dance?)

But with all the questionable things that happened tonight, I’m still not sure why Braden and I decided the bathroom tiles would be the perfect picture background.