Spring Fling

Written by Aby Mendez

Suncoast Polytechnical High School Spring Dance March 8, 2019 “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ― Martha Graham

This is Polytech’s last all- school dance of the year, and the turnout was great! A big thanks to our SPHS student council members, DJ Dan, and the Boosters for making this such a great night. The music selection this evening was mainly from student requests. The Classics: Cotton- eye Joe, Cha-Cha Slide. Although the dance circle didn’t last for more then 4 minutes, our over enthusiastic DJ surely made it a night to remember.

Photo Gallery

The light show on the ceiling was pretty cool and it definitely amped up the party.

Braden, Johnny, and Gavin had the unique idea to make a jump rope out of glow sticks.

If you thought the jump rope was something many students played UNO at tables and on the dance floor (I wonder whose idea it was to bring a card game to the dance?)

But with all the questionable things that happened tonight, I’m still not sure why Braden and I decided the bathroom tiles would be the perfect picture background.

Ema Chirnside was accompanied to the dance by her sister and best friend Anasofia.

Personal Account of the SkillsUSA Baking Competition

Written by Ethan Schwalm

I have recently participated in the SkillsUSA baking competition. This was my first time competing, so I didn’t do the best compared to the more experienced competitors; but, I had fun and learned a lot from it. This competition was only 3 hours and it was very difficult, but I could not back down in this challenge.

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(These pictures were taken after the Judges looked and tasted them.)

These were Parmesan and herb scones (I know they look like biscuits). They had little too much salt in them but were still good.

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The Sugar Cookies came out perfectly. They were not burned and very soft.

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I did not make the puff pastry since it would have taken days to do, but I did make the lemon custard inside them and made them into that square shape. I did forget to egg wash the top of them though.

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GEEZ, my cake was terrible. I was running out of time in the end so I could not finish it. I couldn’t not turn something in for judging, so this was the best I could do. It looks like a toddler made it.

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In the end, I learned a lot and had fun, and that was all that mattered to me. It was one of the most stressful things I ever had done…and I cannot wait to do it again next year.

SPHS VEX Travels to World Championships

  By Cody McCauley  4 The SPHS VEX team placed in the top ten in the recent state competition, which allows them to travel and compete in the upcoming World Championships. This celebrated and accomplished VEX team is comprised of Adam Shick (12th grade), Armand Segui (9th grade), Quinn Commer (9th grade), Cannon Spencer (9th grade), and Rafael Treminio Bravo (9th grade). The World Championships, being held in Louisville, KY from April 24th to the 27th, will host 580 of the best VEX teams from around the world. Now that is some serious competition! Mrs. Kuhns, whose robotics lab is in the 9th Quad, is their outstanding advisor, and she has really taken this program from its start and built it up into a world contender. The team’s previous advisor from Brookside Middle School, Joel Kaplan, will be accompanying the team to the World Championships as a chaperone. Armand Segui said that his inspiration when competing for the VEX team is Elon Musk and Kyle Ford, a legendary leader of a robotics team from South Florida. 1-1 The robot that they constructed, which operates from a hand-held control and shoots VEX balls at targets on specially designed courses, is named Rigor. It is a funny little thing, but it sure has some moves, and a great throwing arm. When asked about what made the VEX team so special, Quinn Commer responded, “Everything!” He also said that the competitions were “stressful, fun, and nail-biting.” When competing against the world’s best, we can only imagine. Make sure to wish them – and Rigor – good luck if you see them in the halls of SPHS. They certainly are something that makes us proud to be at SPHS. 2-13

Understanding Skills USA


Nick Crosley, Marine Tech Bronze Medal

Written by Cody McCauley What is this Skills U.S.A. thing everyone is talking about? Skills U.S.A. is a competition for high school and adult students that go to STC (Suncoast Technical College) and other technical schools in the area. If your teacher allows you to go to Skills U.S.A., you will compete by completing several tests and tasks that will use your skills acquired in your CTE class. As you know when you’re in a competition you are trying to win, that’s the whole goal in mind. Getting chosen to compete for your school is honorable, Marine Tech competitor, Nick Crosley said, “It felt good being able to go this year after turning down the opportunity last year.” This competition can also be stressful, and you may feel lots of pressure; Digital Design competitor, Jason Green emphasized, “It felt odd because I hadn’t done it before.” This shows how the competition helps students deal with real world situations and pressures. This competition can be known as challenging as well. It is this way because all of your skills are being combined and used in difficult scenarios. While it is a hard competition to compete in, it is still a friendly environment. Green explained that yes, the competition was challenging but, “the judges gave me good advice.” This is nice to hear considering the point of being in a CTE class is to learn. Nick Crosley placed 3rd at Skills in Marine Tech high school division and won some Matco tools, one of most popular tool companies. Jason Green placed 1st overall in Digital Design high school division, winning a gold medal and proceeding to the state competition.

Skills USA 2019

Written by Aby Mendez

Health Skills:

Health Knowledge Bowl


Joy Beauchamp

Mitzi Garcia-Moya

Kiara Johnson

                              Destiny Parrish                            


Trinity Thai

Mackenzie Wright

Jaden Sullivan

Rachel Smith

Career Pathway Showcase/Health Services


Isabella Crotsley

Victoria Morgan

Clarissa Gregory

Career Pathway Showcase/Health Services


Sheridan Jules

Britney Pina

Yoselin Martinez

Basic Healthcare Skills


Jenny Gedeon

Medical Terminology


Reina Ocampo

First Aid/CPR


Kyle Eller

“I am extremely proud of all the students who participated in Skills USA” ~ Mrs. Rupprecht and on behalf of Mrs. Walker  

Visual and Production Skills:

Digital Cinema Production


James Berry

Alexandria Grover


 Caleb Duplain

Ryan Bradford

Technical Drawing


Roberto Orozco

Television Video Production


     Van Dieko

     Kayla Erny


   Brian Pedroza

   Trinity Serverson



 Promotional Billboard

Laurie Myrthil


Aiden Reeve


David Escobedo Jr.

The Vex Team Interview

Written by Brianna Barron 

December 12, 2018

20181206_143242 Recently, we interviewed some of the students in the Vex Competion, which were: Quinn Coomer, Armand Segui, Rafael Treminio Bravo, and Cannon Spencer. We asked them various questions, about their project and about the club. The students in the club were very nice and welcoming. Some of the questions that were asked were: “Did you enjoy the project?”  The majority of them answered with Yes, they have been doing it for a long time. Some of them even started in middle school due to both an ongoing interest in the creation of robots and their parents encouraging it. “What did you guys create?”  They created a robot that is designed to meet challenges. Since every year the competition changes they have to accomplish a new task every year. This year’s competition was to shoot yellow balls at the flags or flip caps. “Is it the same robot every year?”  No, since the competition changes they have to design a whole new one specifically suited for that one task. “How long does creating the robot take you?”   It usually takes them all year, the robot that was designed this year took them about 3 weekends. They would plan out on who’s house they’ll go to, to build it, test it, and go forward from that. It’s a lifestyle. “Why did you join the club?”  Majority of them talked about how throughout their childhood they would love to see how things worked, so when they saw the opportunity in 6th grade, and 9th, they decided to join. “Would you recommend this club to others?”   The majority of them said yes, and how being part of the club isn’t always easy, but you have to use simple concepts, dedication, and time. “Is this part of TSA or is it something separate?”  It’s a project in TSA but not part of a competition, unlike in Vex. Yes, it is part of TSA, but they compete mainly for the Vex competition. Interviewing Vex was an amazing opportunity, to where we learned a lot about different things that we didn’t know before. It was nice to find out about their robot and the competitions that they have. A special thanks to those students who we interviewed as well.

SPHS at Barnes and Noble

Written by Keira Geary

Bookfair_2.jpg Wednesday, December 5th was the Polytech Bookfair at Barnes and Noble. The Bookfair, which was held by Mr. Bellón and Mrs. Gissal, helped raise money for the school. Among all the wonderful books you could buy, you could also see the games AGS created for the last open house. AGS created games targeted towards children and teenagers, which included an anti-gravity space themed maze, a shooter game, and a word-based puzzle game. Additionally, TSA and VEX were there displaying their trophies from their competitions and the robots that they have created. Furthermore, there were also authors showing off their latest books and talking with students.  Our own teacher, Jessica Plowman, wrote a book and they were for sale. Congratulations to all who participated; it was great to see our SPHS unity representing during such a great event.

The Tempest

Written by Brianna Barron 


tempest-title1-e1543178639711.jpg Last Friday, the play “The Tempest” was performed in the STC Conference Center. I personally loved the play, and the actors and actresses were phenomenal. From their expressions, to their movements, it felt like something out of a video game.  The play “The Tempest” takes place on an island where Prospero, who was the Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda, have been stranded for 12 years. Other people who are on the island along with them include Ariel, who’s a magical spirit, and Caliban, who’s a native of the island. Both Ariel and Caliban are enslaved by Prospero. In the beginning of the play, it starts off with Alonso, his son Ferdinand, and some members who were in the ship when they got stranded on the island that Prospero’s storm had led them to, where Prospero plans to regain his position as Duke of Milan. He succeeds in his plans through magic and trickery, and makes his daughter fall in love with the king’s son, Ferdinand. 


Most of the play from last Friday was similar to the original play, although there were a few changes added into the play. For starters, three of the characters from the original play’s gender roles were switched from male to female, which were Ariel, Caliban, and Prospero. Also, they changed the ending to a more forgiving ending compared to the original play’s ending.  There were a few factors that stood out to me: the costumes of the actors and actresses matched their character’s “theme.” For example, the characters who were more related to nature wore green colors to represent their “nature theme,” while the characters who were related to the ships wore regular clothing. I loved how lighting effects were added in the play, which attracted the audience; also, I enjoyed how there were more props added to this year’s play. Last Friday’s play was an amazing experience and I just wanted to congratulate and thank these actors and actresses who took their time to perform the play for our school.  Also, we’d like to thank Mr. Disz for organizing this amazing experience for us!  

Spirit Week

Spirit Week Dance 

  October 26th , 2018 

    Written By Aby Mendez

  Before ~student council members set up for a great night


And ~ students start arriving

dance 2

After~ PARTY!!!

dance 3

Dance interviews

  1. What did you do to get ready?
  2. What song do you hope plays tonight?
  3. What are you going to do after the dance?
When asked, Emily, Evan, Alexis, and Sanai each said before the dance, they got showered, dressed, did their hair/makeup. During the dance, they looked forward to NBA Youngboy, Spanish songs, and Taki Taki. When asked about plans after the dance, they all said they would be going home and sleeping afterwards.
Royal Voting  Written by Devon Geary The dance had a Royal Court theme, so throughout the week, princes and princess were voted for and presented on Friday, and Kings and Queens for each grade level were announced at the dance. Staring at 7:00 am October 12th, the nomination forms for Spirit Week Princes and Princesses opened. Then from the ones chosen there, another nomination form was released October 17th, allowing the students to choose one prince and princess from the selected few for their grade level. The five with the most votes became royalty. The Spirit Week Court Ballot was put on the backs of the dance permission slips/tickets, so people would vote for the King and Queen of each grade level when they got to the dance and then the announcement would be made there. The theme was well liked by the students, but some felt there could be improvements if it is done again. In an interview with Myra, Junior Queen, she explained a method to get more participation and school spirit from the students: “We should have a decorated box at lunch and people can hand-write their nominations and put [them] in a box, eliminating the issue of some students not having Remind.” This would limit the amount of people chosen, make it feel a little more competitive, and increase participation because people would see their classmates actually going up and voting. Freshman  King: Joshua Demarzian Queen: Ema Chrinside Sophomore:  King: Colin Gentile Queen: Mikiah Dixon Junior: King: Jack Tutino Queen: Myra Joseph Senior: King: Bear Hill Queen: Kayla Erny

First-Person Account: Spirit Week Games

Written by Sierra Smith

Spirit week was a lot of fun, but I personally always love participating in the games. On the Thursday we played dodge ball out on the hope court and the excitement coming from everyone and my team members was absolutely exhilarating, even if I was hesitant about playing before, I was in the game now. In my grade not a lot of girls signed up, so I was able to play a few rounds, most of which I cowered back and passed balls to those who were good at throwing all while dodging the balls thrown at me; the not so weak link. The Seniors and Juniors went head to head and the Seniors, as per usual, dominated the game but then it was time for sophomores vs. freshmen. Freshmen always have high hopes about wining and they are into the game just as much as the rest of us, but being able to crush those hopes was quite fun. Sophomores were dodging and throwing with all their might, while freshmen had way too many kids playing and were easy targets, but they put up a good fight for what they had. Next it was time for the ultimate Sophomores vs. Seniors game, two strong-headed teams ready to battle it out. While the score board went back and forth with wins, many Sophomores, including myself were chanting and screaming our heads off in support for our fellow Sophomores. During one of the rounds, when both teams had few members left, a Sophomore by the name of Evan made the most epic catch that I have ever witnessed. A blue dodge-ball flew from the Senior side all the way to the Sophomore side, about to hit the ground, making it seemingly uncatchable, but Evan slid across the court and dove for the ball, catching it and taking out the last senior; this was a win meant for the books. We did not win the dodge-ball game but a mentionable moment is definitely when we were going head to head with the Seniors and someone decided to throw a loaf of bread instead of a ball, which caused a chorus of chants saying “LET’S GET THIS BREAD!” from the Sophomores. Oh, how we love our meme culture. The next day, the game of choice was Tug of War, and war it was. Since the grass was wet from the rain, the whole event was shifted to the HOPE court, where food was supplied, and then in the grass next to it the game took place.  First up was Freshman vs. Sophomores; the original game was best 2 out of 3, but to give the Freshman more of a chance and to lengthen the game it was changed to best 4 out of 5. Sophomores obviously won, with the 4 out of 5, and there was one match where the Freshman got the upper hand, by using way too many people and they finally pulled the rope on their side. After that match, Freshman and Sophomores went to go eat and relax while the Senior vs Juniors match went down, so I cannot give you a play by play of those matches; but, let’s just say, Seniors dominated the game. All these matches were very teamwork-to-the-max-oriented: we made game plans and teachers screamed for their grade to win. Hands were always in the middle it was always time to chant. The ultimate game, Sophomores and Seniors met again, blue vs. purple. Everyone’s hands were in the air so that no one had the upper hand at grabbing the rope, the whistle blew and we all dove down, pulling with all our might. Knowing we might fall or get hurt, all that mattered was winning, and we were all for it. Each side made inhumane noises, yanking, but the Sophomores were no match for the Seniors. A few more matches went down like this, and then it happened… I dove for the rope but the kid in front of me was faster. As he was coming up, I was going down and I busted my lip against his forehead. I still tried to tug on the rope, but we were already losing, and I was in pain. Sadly, after that match I was rushed to the nurse and was unable to finish the game. We all know the Seniors won, reigning as ultimate winners of the games until next year. Who will next year’s winner be? No one knows, maybe it could be your grade, better start preparing.


Spirit Week: Clash-of-Classes Friday

By Isabella Ocasio

IMG956019 Pride comes in many forms. At Polytech, it comes in the form of colors and grade level. On October 26th, for the 2018 spirit week, students were encouraged to display their reverence for their class by wearing the color palette associated with their grade level. Freshmen wear green; sophomores wear blue and white; juniors wear red and yellow; and seniors wear purple and black. However, many of the Spirit Week days were color-related. Simple colors quickly became old and it simply wasn’t enough to settle which class had the most pride. A competition must be put in place! And so, a deadly tug-of-war was decided on. First, freshmen clashed with the sophomores. Then the juniors and seniors brawled. In the end, it was the sophomores up against the seniors in an exciting tug-of-war. The seniors proudly came out on top! There was still one final game of tug-of-war. Teachers went at it, and in a brutal game, they tied. After participating, students could relax – or watch their teammates in the game – and eat. Hundreds of boxes of pizza, endless numbers of candy, and sweet snacks were provided at the event. The lunch period was completely replaced with a thrilling game for all students to enjoy. But now that the final day of spirit week came and went, everyone’s itching to know: which grade level had the most spirit?! Well, the seniors earned first place! Freshmen came second, in a very close call with the Juniors who won third; freshmen and junior class switched places nearly every day. Sophomores came in last. With the Royal Court Dance later that day, Clash of Classes and an electrifying game of tug-of-war was a memorable way to bring Spirit Week to a close.

Spirit Themes

Spirit Week.png Monday – Schools Colors  Written by Devon Geary Walking into school at 7:10 Monday morning, there were already plenty of students donning the school colors. Vegas Gold and Brick flashed about the quads as students headed to class throughout the day. During lunch there was at least one student at each table showing their school spirit. Student Council members wore their Vegas Gold shirts, other students found yellow shirts, red pants, and utilized face paint. While those two colors seemed a little difficult for some to find, school spirit was high that day and both students and teachers participated in wearing Vegas Gold and/or Brick. Tuesday – Tacky Tourist Written by Ethan Schwalm The enjoyment of traveling has been around since the beginning of time, first it was Columbus traveling to the Americas to now, a family going to Disney World™.  We dawned the attire of these strange people who call themselves tourists, with their floral button-ups, cargo shorts and straw hats. Here at SPHS we celebrate the tradition of dressing-up like a tacky tourist. Being in a highly sought-after location for vacations, we all know too well what the local tourist looks like. Wednesday  – Warrior Wednesday Written Keira Geary October 24 was Warrior Wednesday. Warrior Wednesday was set up to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. According to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and the second most common cancer overall. It is a leading cause of cancer death in less developed countries and the second leading cause of cancer death in American women, exceeded only by lung cancer.” While mainly in women, about 1% of men are diagnosed with breast cancer as well. The goal of bringing awareness to breast cancer is to increase the public’s knowledge and overall insight of the cancer. In recent years, breast cancer awareness campaigns have been highly effective in gaining attention and knowledge of this cancer in recent years. Pink, more specifically, the pink ribbon, is the international symbol and color, of breast cancer. So naturally, on October 24, Warrior Wednesday, we wore pink to bring awareness and show support. To find out more about Breast Cancer you can read these articles: Thursday – Character Day Written by Devon Geary Character Day was a favorite for some, with the ability to dress as your favorite character from movies, shows, or books to school. Last year there were about two dinosaurs roaming the quads, Link, a wolf, Arthur, and other interesting characters. This year, the spotlight was stolen by a costumes such as Raven, Spiderman, a shark, and Merida, among other fantastic costumes. It also included a game of dodge-ball against the different grade levels.