Freshman Perspective: Open House

Written by Cassie Thomas

Just a couple of week ago we had open house on September 12th. This was a fun time for students and parents to get to know many things about what will happen in some of their classes as well as what other CTE’s do. It’s the most dreadful day for students with poor grades to start the year; but also, it’s the best day for parents who like to torture their children by finding a favorite teacher and finding out top secret information. Just kidding.   

One student, Josette Compagniony, had an amazing experience and had this to say about it. “It was more organized then it was last year, and the teachers seemed to actively participate, and it was generally a great way to get to know your teachers.”  

Words from Ms. Richardson, a Speech, English and Applied Communications teacher, “I thought that open house was splendid, and it was fun to see students showing around their parents and it was nice to see students I taught in 9th grade that I now teach in 10th grade. It was sad, though, that I wasn’t able to personally see the activities in the STC atrium. But, I was able to picture it nicely by some students who told me about the experiences they had there.” 

Another student Reagan West-Dimitry said “I thought it was interesting to see how many clubs that we have here at SPHS. I didn’t know we had so many.” 

A few words from 9th grader, Brianna Allen: “It was a good experience for my parents to meet all my teachers and I had fun in the STC atrium where I was cooking my own Smores, indoors.” 

  Like the saying goes at my previuos middle school, Booker Middle: “Scholars make dollars.” So Renegades, work to do your best this year, and every year, so you can really enjoy Open House the way it should be enjoyed.

Senior Perspective: Open House

Written by Phoenix Phan

Suncoast Technical College and Polytechnical High School commenced their Open House night on the Thursday September 12, for families to visit and see what the school has to offer.

The Open House in definition is a place holding an event in which all visitors are welcome. Visitors, registrants and guests can attend to participate in this exciting experience. Visitors can meet teachers to understand the curriculum and look for potential concerns. They can also seek opportunities and be committed to help out the school spirit. 

The Open House event is full of opportunities for students and their parents to visit the school and become acclimated for this school year of 2019-20. Students of SPHS volunteered during Open House to help with the many booths, to display their hardworking effort, and to assist visitors. In the SPHS atrium, many tables were set up for activities, marketing, contests, and donations. The Hurricane Dorian Donation Drive station was filled with supplies, food, and clothing to help the Bahamas and the people of the East Coast of the US who have been affected by the hurricane. Chess Club was very active, filled with competitive players involved in chess matches. Lastly, the AGS program (Art/Game/Simulation) displayed games and artworks to share for visitors who are interested in creative projects. 

The Suncoast Technical College provides quality technical education to meet workforce development and community needs. The STC faculty was very busy and filled with visitors. Career programs were crowded as well, with a groups of people wanting to watch skillful students show their work and talents. The Emergency Medical Technology program put out a live demonstration of their students showing their skills. There were children enjoying activities at the Early Childhood Education station. Culinary station served S’mores and pastries to feature their best work. Many people were very intrigued about the Krispy Kreme sales and the Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser breakfast to support SkillsUSA for money to travel to the state competitions. 

The purpose of the Open House night is for visitors and/or parents to be connected to the school’s association and learn more about the student goals and their futures with career technologies. Open house is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about what students have been doing in school, and what this amazing school has to offer every student. 

To learn more information and be updated on the school’s next event, check out the websites below: 

Suncoast Polytechical High School: 

Suncoast Technical College: 

An Amazing Day at the Beach…Cleanup

Written by Brianna Barron

Recently, on Saturday the 21st of September, there was a coastal beach clean up that took place at Lido Key. By the end of the cleanup there were fifteen trash bags and twelve recycling bags. While cleaning up there were many bizarre items that were picked up from pants, shoes, to even a pillow. We also found a doorstop lying on the beach, as well as lots of foam, plastic, cans, and even paper. Not only were Polytech NHS students there helping out, but also other NHS students from Sarasota High School participated and even employees from Cat Depot.  

I interviewed Mr. Bellon for this event, since he is the advisor for NHS and the Math Club, which are the two clubs that sponsored the coastal clean-ups:  

1. “How much trash was picked up?”  

“We collected 12 bags of recycling goods and 15 bags of trash.” 

2. “Are you going to open it up to school or keep it an NHS event?” 

“It was already opened up, the event was advertised, and everyone was invited to join. It was sponsored by National Honor Society and the Math club, but everyone was invited. So yes, whenever we do this we always invite the entire school.” 

3. “Was Polytech partnering with Sarasota High school’s NHS?” 

“We had students from other schools including Pine View and Sarasota High. They joined us because their group didn’t show up or they couldn’t find their group, so they joined us.” 

4. “What was the company we worked for?”  

“The company that sponsored the coastal cleanup was the Sarasota County Ecology Department and ‘Keep Sarasota Beautiful’ organization.” 

5. “How does the process work with that? (For example, is someone going to come and pick up the trash later on and how is the location picked?) 

“Ok, so we left the trash there and then someone from Sarasota County, comes and they then take it to their facilities where they would distribute the recycling and the trash with the other trash that was collected, since this event was going all over.”   

There will be two more beach cleanups happening soon; the date hasn’t been decided yet though. If you like you can always stop by Mr. Bellon’s room in the Junior quad and/or send him an email at: 

The Freshmen 25

Written by Eva Lopez

The topic today will be the Freshmen 25! This is all about the incoming freshman, who made their 25 community service hours. These freshmen who took up Mr. Turgeon’s challenge, completed various activities during the summer in order to achieve their end goal of attaining 25 hours of volunteer work.  With their aim accomplished these students will be able to focus on their studies and ease their way into the start of the new school year. As a result of these successful individuals acquiring their 25 hours, they will not have to worry about their hours being completed until the next summer. This ensures that their community service does not become part of the routine agenda, but is rather concluded and out of the way.  

The 30 freshmen who completed the 25 hours of community service, were rewarded with a special treat during their seminar period.  They gathered in the freshman quad to be greeted with movie star treatment.  There was a plentiful number of tables set up with table clothes, and other decorations to drive home a sense of fame.  There were foods such as pizza, chips, cookies, and of course drinks.  There were also prizes such as sweatshirts and shirts imbued with the school’s mascot, the Renegade. These freshmen came together to celebrate their success and to simply enjoy each other’s company. All while in the comfort of the freshman quad. 

Although the topic that will interest most students regarding the Freshmen 25 is simply the prizes, there is also another important aspect. This aspect is the straightforward fact that students who are mostly strangers get to converse with new people. The Freshmen 25 is, and will continue to be, a way for new freshmen to acquaint themselves with the school and its environment. For example, according to Mrs. Carcifero, “they got to each lunch all together and just talk about where they did their community service hours, how many hours they did, what encouraged them to go to that organization, and what they did at that organization.” Among these freshmen some were nervous, and some were excited, however the fact remains that through the Freshmen 25 they got to talk and interact with new people that they might not have previously spoken to.  

In the future the possibility for the Freshmen 25 to become grander is a distinct possibility. In addition, as time goes on the experience of working hard for a reward will become much more satisfying. This is because as time passes Suncoast Polytechnical High School can hopefully gain new business partners that provide the school with free items in donations. These donations could be used to impart new rewards such as coupons, gift cards, shirts, or lanyards for future freshmen who have finished their 25 hours. The end goal for these new additional prizes is the solution to the conundrum presented by Mr. Turgeon.  This problem established by Mr. Turgeon is as follows: “How do we give more to those students who showed the initiative?” As a result of those who work hard for Suncoast Polytechnical High School, the motivation of new, incoming freshmen students will begin to grow. This is because the hard work that a student achieves during the summer will bring about a satisfying reward, granted by the Freshmen 25.  

Other than the prizes given away during the Freshmen 25, the students will also gain the start they need in order to complete the 100 hours that is required to achieve the Bright Futures scholarship. Whether the incoming freshmen realize it or not, the Freshmen 25 is a way to push students to achieve what they need in order to gain a scholarship. It is encouragement, that many students need in order to start working towards the ultimate prize of a scholarship. However, the Freshmen 25 also had many other side effects that were all brilliant. These such effects included the socialization of the new freshmen as well as a satisfying and rewarding feeling that can be only be gained through hard work.  


Mr.  Turgeon: Assistant Director of Suncoast Polytechnical Highschool 

Mrs. Carcifero: Registrator of Suncoast Polytechnical Highschool 

Go Ahead SPHS, Paint Your Space!

Written by Isabella Ocasio 

Even if artistic ability isn’t everyone’s best skill, traditional art, whether it be classwork doodles, whiteboard drawings, concept sketches, or fully colored pieces, is a way for anyone to express themselves. Permitting this kind of self-expression in education is a great way for students to leave their school with happy memories. One way Polytech does this is through Paint Your Space, an event held in the first quarter of the school year in which students pay $10 to pick a parking spot in the SPHS parking lot… and paint it! 

The yearly event was held last Saturday, September 21st from 9am-12pm. Mrs. McNellis, the psychology and US history teacher, along with some volunteers and members of student council were there to supply painting materials, including large paint rollers, brooms to brush leaves off a parking space, large brushes, and, of course, the paint. Snacks and drinks were also supplied – after all, it’s important to stay hydrated in the Florida sun. Some students brought their own materials too, such as duct tape (to paint perfectly straight lines or shapes) and spray paint. 

Various designs can be painted on one’s parking space. Spot UU is an artistic reference to the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun, spot JJJ is a comedic drawing of a bird, KK is a vibrant but simple landscape, MM contains Jackson Pollock-like splatter-paint art, and there are many other diverse paintings that students put a lot of effort into. 

There will be a second Paint Your Space event this Saturday, September 28th for students who began their masterpiece but did not finish it, or students who could not attend the first event. You must have a driver’s license to pick your own spot to paint; but, if you don’t have one, you can still go to the event this Saturday. Plenty of people attended the event just to help a friend paint their spot, help out the volunteers, or just have fun with their Saturday morning. Additionally, you can only choose a spot in the high school’s parking lot to paint, not the college. Paint Your Space also counts for volunteer hours for ALL attendees so remember to sign in if you go and then get your hours logged by Mrs. McNellis afterwards.  

Renegades – check out the art pieces students have painted in the SPHS parking lot and keep an eye out for any new ones after this Saturday! 

Spring Fling

Written by Aby Mendez

Suncoast Polytechnical High School Spring Dance March 8, 2019 “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ― Martha Graham

This is Polytech’s last all- school dance of the year, and the turnout was great! A big thanks to our SPHS student council members, DJ Dan, and the Boosters for making this such a great night. The music selection this evening was mainly from student requests. The Classics: Cotton- eye Joe, Cha-Cha Slide. Although the dance circle didn’t last for more then 4 minutes, our over enthusiastic DJ surely made it a night to remember.

Photo Gallery

The light show on the ceiling was pretty cool and it definitely amped up the party.

Braden, Johnny, and Gavin had the unique idea to make a jump rope out of glow sticks.

If you thought the jump rope was something many students played UNO at tables and on the dance floor (I wonder whose idea it was to bring a card game to the dance?)

But with all the questionable things that happened tonight, I’m still not sure why Braden and I decided the bathroom tiles would be the perfect picture background.