Spirit Week

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Monday – Decades Day

Written by Anthony Cuffaro 

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From October 28th to November 1st, SPHS had its annual spirit week. It was promoted around the school, on morning announcements, and on the school website. There is a great importance to participating in spirit week. Spirit week gets students to express their school spirit throughout the whole week.  

Monday, October 28th was Decades Day. Students were able to dress up as their favorite decade. For example, the roaring 20’s or 60’s hippies. A great number of students participated, and most of the administration joined in as well.  

Other days of the week included Tacky Tourist, Breast Cancer and Diabetes awareness, Character day, and Clash of the classes. This all led up to Thursday’s Tug of war and Friday’s Dodgeball. Later, Friday night was SPHS’s 2019 Homecoming Dance. 

Tuesday- Tacky Tourist Day

Written by Devon Geary

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Tacky Tourist Day had both students and teachers dressing up like the tourists we’re all so used to seeing around Florida. Decked out in shoes and sandals, sunscreen on their nose, and brightly colored shirts, the stereotypical tourist outfit was matched perfectly. There continued to be a great turnout of people participating in this day, so this loved theme will most likely live on in future spirit weeks.

The Sophomores won Tacky Tourist Day with 30% participation. They were followed up by Juniors with 25.7%. The Freshman made third place, and Seniors only had 24%, falling to fourth place.

Wednesday – Awareness Day

Written by Michael Meahan 

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Breast cancer and Diabetes awareness were the themes of Spirit Week Wednesday. You had people dressed head to toe in blue and/or pink. Some people literally had their heads blue ad=bd pink with hair dye. Some had face paint, jackets, beads, jewelry, colored shoes — the list goes on and on.

Out of all the days, I do believe that Wednesday defenitely had the most people participating and it had to be the most colorful. Every class I walked into was a stun of color and awareness. Speaking of awareness, let’s talk about breast cancer and diabetes. Breast cancer is a disease where the cells in the breast grow out of control; it can spread through blood vesicles and lymph vesicles. In most cases the cancer begins at the ducts or lobules, usually occurring in women and rarely in men.

Now about Diabetes — you may have heard this from Mrs. Davis, but here is refresher. The most common type of diabetes is Type 2 where the body has a problem creating insulin (the enzyme that deals with the breaking down of sugar). Much like Type 2, Type 1 also has the problem of creating insulin.

As for the treatment of these diseases, breast cancer is treatable. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, Radiational and, biological therapy. For diabetes, there is no cure, but it is manageable with medication, insulin, and dietary changes. Luckily, there is a chance it can go into remission, meaning diminution, but not cured. That is why we need to raise awareness for these diseases, so people know about them and so people know how to deal with them. So, be proud that you went pink and blue for a day. Your colorfulness might have helped saved a few lives …scroll down for the great participation pics!

Thursday – Character Day

Written by Rogelio Gomez

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For the 4th day of Spirit Week, students and staff dressed up as fictional characters. This gives everyone the opportunity to really express their interests and create many fun high school memories for themselves. Even the people who don’t dress up can still have fun seeing all the cool and creative things other members of SPHS came as. On the spirit week scoreboard, the seniors came in first place with a 50% participation rate. In second place came the juniors with 38%, freshman in third with 28%, and not far off in last were the sophomores with 26%. 

Friday – Clash of Classes

Written by Keira Geary

Clash of the Classes wrapped up this year’s Spirit Week celebrations. To show spirit and support for SPHS, each grade level dressed up according to their class colors. Freshmen wore green and white, Sophomores wore blue and white, Juniors wore red and yellow, and Seniors wore the school colors: brick orange and Vegas gold. There was, however, a unifying moment from the Seniors in regards to their designated choice of class colors. This year SPHS changed the official Senior class colors from black and purple to the official school colors, brick orange and Vegas gold. The Seniors unified on Friday and dressed head to toe in black and purple. 

Everyone gathered under the Pavilion during Seminar, as Friday was also the continuation of the Spirit Week games. The grade levels went head-to-head during an exciting game of dodgeball, with the Seniors coming in first place. The final match of Thursday’s tug-of-war game also took place between the Sophomores and the Seniors, with the Seniors taking their second win for the day. Overall, the Clash of the Classes united each grade level and was a great way to end this year’s Spirit Week. 

Spirit Week Dance 

Written by Aby Mendez


This year’s Spirit week dance was a huge success. It was the best ending to such a phenomenal spirit week. The night started with a dance circle made from glowsticks and to start things off most of the girl’s heels came right off — and that’s how you know they truly were enjoying themselves.

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Much like last year, the best Spanish songs were played, and although a majority of the students enjoyed them, it still got some backlash.


I think our school should have more spirit weeks for the week that leads up to a dance. On that note, the sophomores were in the lead for overall spirit week participation up until Character Day. And then the seniors blew up Clash of the Classes when they wore their original color, black and purple. Of course I have to mention the seniors huge win during the spirit week games…sophomores are STILL a little salty because we were so so close…but good game, guys.  

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  A huge thank you to all our parent volunteers, staff, and student council members who helped with cleanup, setup, chaperones, keeping us fed and hydrated. Hope to see even more students show up to our winter dance. Scroll down for lots of pics!


                                                               Your 2019 Spirit week Court  

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Nothing like a slow dance to bring the boys together. 


The glow stick dance circle


While Kylie and  the girls are getting a cute photo shoot in… 

Issac is wondering when they’ll get done;  his friend, Matthew, keeps him company.

All good things come in pairs:  

The party doesn’t start till these groups walk in :  

And of course the shenanigans…