Spirit Week Dance

Spirit Week Dance 

  October 26th , 2018 

    Written By Aby Mendez

  Before ~student council members set up for a great night


And ~ students start arriving

dance 2


After~ PARTY!!!

dance 3

Dance interviews


  1. What did you do to get ready?
  2. What song do you hope plays tonight?
  3. What are you going to do after the dance?


When asked, Emily, Evan, Alexis, and Sanai each said before the dance, they got showered, dressed, did their hair/makeup. During the dance, they looked forward to NBA Youngboy, Spanish songs, and Taki Taki. When asked about plans after the dance, they all said they would be going home and sleeping afterwards.

Royal Voting 

Written by Devon Geary

The dance had a Royal Court theme, so throughout the week, princes and princess were voted for and presented on Friday, and Kings and Queens for each grade level were announced at the dance.

Staring at 7:00 am October 12th, the nomination forms for Spirit Week Princes and Princesses opened. Then from the ones chosen there, another nomination form was released October 17th, allowing the students to choose one prince and princess from the selected few for their grade level. The five with the most votes became royalty. The Spirit Week Court Ballot was put on the backs of the dance permission slips/tickets, so people would vote for the King and Queen of each grade level when they got to the dance and then the announcement would be made there.

The theme was well liked by the students, but some felt there could be improvements if it is done again. In an interview with Myra, Junior Queen, she explained a method to get more participation and school spirit from the students: “We should have a decorated box at lunch and people can hand-write their nominations and put [them] in a box, eliminating the issue of some students not having Remind.” This would limit the amount of people chosen, make it feel a little more competitive, and increase participation because people would see their classmates actually going up and voting.


King: Joshua Demarzian

Queen: Ema Chrinside


King: Colin Gentile

Queen: Mikiah Dixon


King: Jack Tutino

Queen: Myra Joseph


King: Bear Hill

Queen: Kayla Erny