Spirit Week Dance

Written by Aby Mendez

This year’s Spirit week dance was a huge success. It was the best ending to such a phenomenal spirit week. The night started with a dance circle made from glowsticks and to start things off most of the girl’s heels came right off — and that’s how you know they truly were enjoying themselves.

Much like last year, the best Spanish songs were played, and although a majority of the students enjoyed them, it still got some backlash.

I think our school should have more spirit weeks for the week that leads up to a dance. On that note, the sophomores were in the lead for overall spirit week participation up until Character Day. And then the seniors blew up Clash of the Classes when they wore their original color, black and purple. Of course I have to mention the seniors huge win during the spirit week games…sophomores are STILL a little salty because we were so so close…but good game, guys.  

  A huge thank you to all our parent volunteers, staff, and student council members who helped with cleanup, setup, chaperones, keeping us fed and hydrated. Hope to see even more students show up to our winter dance. Scroll down for lots of pics!

                                                               Your 2019 Spirit week Court  

Nothing like a slow dance to bring the boys together. 

The glow stick dance circle 

While Kylie and  the girls are getting a cute photo shoot in… 

Issac is wondering when they’ll get done;  his friend, Matthew, keeps him company. 

All good things come in pairs:  

The party doesn’t start till these groups walk in :  

And of course the shenanigans