AGS Art Winners in the Front Office

Written by Isabella Ocasio 

Teachers who truly wish to see their students succeed push them towards higher and higher goals. Although the stress can be immeasurable, the pressure allows for students to grow from adversity, learn from mistakes, and acquire experience in their desired career field.  

Mrs. Amy Badovinac, the upperclassmen teacher for Animation and Gaming Simulation (AGS) at Polytech, pushes her students for those high expectations. Although the CTE is supposed to be based around game design, Mrs. Badovinac caters greatly to the artistic side of game design, which explains the art contests she’s always promoting. From encouraging students to enter the 2019 STEMsmart competition (in which a Polytech student won first place in the art division) to the Embracing our Differences event, Mrs. Badovinac is always giving her students opportunities that may one day be useful on college applications or a résumé.  

Recently, Mrs. Badovinac impelled her juniors to submit artwork into the Sarasota County Fair Creative Arts competition in the Fine Arts division. The Sarasota County Fair lasted from March 15th to the 24th, and for over a week, art entered from all over Sarasota into the competition was on display for the community to see. Although public contests are always nerve-wracking, students were excited to see their work be appreciated.  

Of the 28 juniors in AGS, 16 students – more than half! – placed first or second in the competition. 16 may seem like a high number, but contests were divided by age group (youth or adult) and art medium (of which there were 16 different possibilities), allowing for many types of winners. 

According to Mrs. Badovinac, some neighboring schools weren’t able to win any awards, further highlighting AGS’s artistic talent and dedication. Mr. Turgeon and other staff members wanted to put Polytech’s pride on display for all parents, students, and other visitors to see – and that is why there are 16 glorious artworks in the front office.  

Photo credits to Ms. Morrison and Ms. Effron. Photos edited by Isabella Ocasio. 
Please note that not all students were able to have their individual photo taken.