Student of the Month

Written by Anthony Cuffaro

Every month, SPHS picks 1 sudent from every grade for Student of the Month. Student of the Month is awarded to one student in each grade level who exemplifies the four pillars at SPHS, respecting others, serving others, taking responsibility, and actively participating.

Students that are picked receive a trip to AppleBee’s. They also will receive some SPHS merch, like a lanyard. The student’s picture is taken and put on a bulletin board in the atrium.

For November: the freshman student of the month is Samantha Schwartz; the sophmore student of the month is Ashton Westrick; the junior student of the month is Dylan Stone; the senior student of the month is Alexis Cuevas.

If I could give any advice to students who are looking to become student of the month, I would say be respectful and kind to your fellow classmates and teachers. Also participate in class, do your homework on time, and have good grades. Finally, don’t be tardy to school.

Congrats to Samantha, Ashton, Dylan, and Alexis for earning student of the month. Good job! Also pictured below are the December Students of the Month.