What it Takes to be Student of the Month

Written by Michael Meahan 

The 9th and 10th grade students of the month have been chosen:  Abryana Polynice for 9th grade and Rheniah Toledo for 10th. These exceptional students have gone above and beyond in their classes and in the four pillars of the SPHS Cornerstones: respect all, serve all, act responsibly, and be an active participant.  

How did they get chosen? As I was told, each team of teachers, may it be freshman or sophomore, get together and nominate a student in their respective teams, which they then talk about and eventually vote on. The students also receive gift cards, a lanyard, and a trip to Applebee’s for a free lunch with Mr. Turgeon.  

Now, the real question at hand is how do you become one yourself? The answer, simply put, is effort. What the teachers and staff are looking for is the effort you put into your classes and into your fellow student. My suggestion is to get your teachers and fellow students to notice you doing something good, as we all should be doing. When asked about the qualities of a Student of the Month, Mr. Turgeon said, “People who do positive things, positive things come their way.” 

A special gratification to Abryana Polynice and Rheniah Toledo—great job!  

Student of the Month 11th and 12th

Written by Anthony Cuffaro

We spoke to Junior and Senior teachers about the recently announced students of the month — Ethan Voic, grade 11, and Joey Tippen, grade 12 — at SPHS. We asked them a few questions.  

When asked about the qualities of each student of the month, Mrs. Ferris stated, “I use the 4 pillars of SPHS: respect all, serve others, act responsibility, and be an active participant.” Then she added, “I look for students who demonstrate all of those.” 

Mrs. McNellis added that, “we make our selection on the cornerstones of our school, we look for students who are respectful to teachers and peers, act responsible, serving others, effort, enthusiasm, and playing an important role in the school community.” 

After hearing both interviews, it’s clear that the four cornerstones of SPHS are a vital part of becoming student of the month. If I could give any advice to students who are looking to become student of the month, I would say be respectful, kind, and serve the school and community. Also participate in class, do your homework, and have good grades. 

A special congrats to Ethan Voic and Joey Tippen, great job guys!