Students Solving Problems

Written by Marianni Johnson

On November 8th of 2019, I had the opportunity of attending the Superintendent Forum, where high-achieving representatives of each school in the Sarasota county district came together. Each student helped solve issues that are in the school system.

There were 10 tables with 10 people at each table, and each person rotated through the tables talking about current issues in the school system. After going around discussing the issues, we talked about our topic, solving issues that we thought needed to be solved, and how to do it by creating a short 5-minute presentation on what we discussed with our groups.

It was insightful seeing what people thought and came up with on each topic. Even though a few of the topics I didn’t really agree with, what they were saying gave me a new perspective on things. Finally the discussion turned towards us students asking questions to the Superintendent. I have to admit it was pretty intense, but it was very informative and fun.

I would say that the Q & A with Superintendent was the best part of the Superintendent Forum, along with the great food we had for lunch. After, the 45 minutes of questions were over, we thanked everyone for coming and each student went back to their bus and left.