Teacher of the Year

Written by Eva Lopez

Throughout the year, every teacher does their best in order to reach the goal of teaching their students. Every year teachers work hard to achieve this goal, but this year a certain teacher went above and beyond and won the Teacher of the Year award. This outstanding teacher is Mrs. Badovinac! She is the AGS teacher who imbues the school’s juniors and seniors with knowledge regarding our gaming, animation, and simulation program. She also works hard bringing teachers together so that they might utilize the projects that Mrs. Badovinac herself is able to use in her own classroom. Furthermore, she shows unique processes in her classroom by teaching her students innovative techniques that introduce new ways that enable them to learn. The goal of this dispersal of her individual knowledge is to ultimately spread her ideas into multiple classes. In the end, her hard work and determination resulted in a prize only distributed once a year: the Teacher of the Year award! 

Understanding the process of how one comes to be nominated as the Teacher of the Year is no easy task. It is important to note that each candidate works diligently upon this process; it is not as if their name is pulled out of a hat. The path towards success is key to comprehending the full impact which leads to receiving the award. The series of actions required to win the Teacher of the Year award starts with SPHS instructors working within a designated window of time to nominate their peers. Within this time frame, staff and faculty compile their nominations. Then a survey is dispatched to the staff with information concerning the different nominated teachers and the reasons behind their nominations. Each teacher who is nominated is notified and asked to write about their most memorable moment. Once the most memorable moments are submitted, the peer committee review the individual “momentous occasions” as well as the academic and personal reasons of each potential candidate. After each nominee has been thoroughly analyzed, the peer instructors decide and finalize who they wish to bestow upon the Teacher of the Year award. 

Needless to say, Mrs. Badovinac’s “unforgettable occasion” was just that. Of course, as Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Badovinac wrote her own incredible “unforgettable occasion” after being nominated for Teacher of the Year. She wrote about the AGS program’s Capstone project at UTC the previous year. She described how astounding it felt to have her current seniors presenting to her former students and their parents. After she painted an illustration of the most remarkable event that she had experienced, she moved on to say how the event captured the full meaning of teaching.  The gathering of her past and present students reflected the manner in which SPHS has nurtured its students to accomplish many things in the four years they attended high school at SPHS; as well as the way it had prepared SPHS students to obtain their future goals.  In the end, this monumental experience, belonging to Mrs. Badovinac, epitomized her as a teacher and established the context behind her attainment of the Teacher of the Year award. 

As it has been established, Mrs. Badovinac is the auspicious person who has won the Teacher of the Year award 2019. And what is a reward without a prize? This prize was Mr. Turgeon, Dr. Raney, and Dr. Dipillo visiting Mrs. Badovinac’s classroom with balloons and a delicious white cake. As the students surrounded her, she realized the reasoning behind the surprise visitation.  The automatic responses of students and faculty were a round of applause befitting the Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Badovinac!