New Teachers



Mrs. Kayser “Guidance Counselor”

Written by Keira Geary

Mrs. Kaiser is the new guidance counselor at Polytech. She came from Sarasota High School, after two years as their guidance counselor. She came to Polytech because “it had been in my sights for a while. I always liked the idea of Polytech and the kind of school that it is. And the opportunities that it provides for our kids…the programs that are offered here are like no other schools.” She is very excited to be here and to work with the students. She loves that the students here are a lot easier to talk to. She feels that because the students here are a lot more open and easier to talk to, she’ll be able to help a lot of kids, and be more personable with them. She is always available and here to help and guide you.

“It’s not only a pleasure to be here, but its an honor to be here, as a counselor.” She also wants you to know to come visit her and ask questions every Thursday in the Cafeteria during “Counselor’s Corner,” where she has a table set up to help students.



Mrs. Morrison “Career Advisor”

Written by Keira Geary 

Mrs. Morrison has worked on both Polytech and SCT campuses for seven years as a paraprofessional aid. Now she is the new full-time Career Advisor here at Polytech. She is here to help students find their pathways and help them figure out what high school courses to take now and what college courses would best suit them in the future. In terms of scholarships, she has a lot of information and can help you find scholarships that apply to whatever degrees you’re looking for. In terms of career internships, she can help with that too. Mrs. Morrison is very easy to talk to and is always available. She is here for you to help you know how it all works. She’s is also very happy to be here a Polytech full-time.




Mr. Paterno

By Devon Geary

Mr. Paterno is a new teacher to Suncoast Polytechnical High School. He teaches U.S. history, and this is his third year teaching a history class, which is a subject he thoroughly enjoys. He has also taught eight years of English, making him well informed and knowledgeable about the strong connection the two subjects can have. He includes that in his teaching methods through DBQs and PowerPoint presentations. While he has taught both history and English, he feels that teaching history makes more of an impact and is more interesting to the majority of the students, mainly U.S. history because it discusses the past and where we are today. Mr. Paterno went to Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut for college, and last year taught at South East High School in Manatee County. He came to teach at Polytech because it was closer to home, a much better school, and the opportunities this school offers were more beneficial. He’s very happy with the new students he’s teaching and likes the support the administration and other teachers provide to new teachers, and the more manageable classroom sizes.



Ms. Treubert

By Keira Geary

Mrs. Trubert is new to Suncoast Polytechnical High School, replacing Mr. Short as an Algebra I and Algebra II teacher. She’s located in the ninth-grade quad. She previously taught math at the Florida Preparatory Academy, an international school. Starting out in college majoring in mechanical engineering, she then started tutoring other students in math, which made her realize she enjoyed teaching math and lead to switching her major and pursing a teaching career.

When asked why she came to Polytech, her reply was that “[She] wanted a small school where tech was a piece”. A school that focused on technology and encouraged the use of it rather than paper was a pull factor, along with the greater use of the active board and OneNote. She was also asked about her opinion of the school itself and the students. She really loves it and has found the students are very similar to the ones at her previous school, and everyone has been very welcoming and positive towards her.



Dr. DiTucci

By Bella Ocasio 

In the room that once belonged to the meme-ing history teacher, Mr. Hickman, now works Dr. DiTucci, also known as DiTucci the Great. Dr. DiTucci teaches World History Honors and AP World History for sophomores. He was in pre-law for four years until he decided to go to grad school at Nicholls State University. From there, he went to University of Louisiana for his master’s degree, and then Western University for his PhD in history. Before he completed his journey in college, Dr. DiTucci worked in IT for the history department at Western University for several years. Then he taught at multiple colleges, including the New College of Florida where he taught Viking history. Polytech seemed like a great fit when the opportunity came to him, and that is how he has come to work at our outstanding school today!

Upon being asked whether or not a hot-dog in a bun is a sandwich, Dr. DiTucci stated that not only is a hot-dog a sandwich – but so is a taco. Surely, the wise man with a PhD must be trusted in this statement.