The Tempest

Written by Brianna Barron 



Last Friday, the play “The Tempest” was performed in the STC Conference Center. I personally loved the play, and the actors and actresses were phenomenal. From their expressions, to their movements, it felt like something out of a video game. 

The play “The Tempest” takes place on an island where Prospero, who was the Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda, have been stranded for 12 years. Other people who are on the island along with them include Ariel, who’s a magical spirit, and Caliban, who’s a native of the island. Both Ariel and Caliban are enslaved by Prospero. In the beginning of the play, it starts off with Alonso, his son Ferdinand, and some members who were in the ship when they got stranded on the island that Prospero’s storm had led them to, where Prospero plans to regain his position as Duke of Milan. He succeeds in his plans through magic and trickery, and makes his daughter fall in love with the king’s son, Ferdinand. 


Most of the play from last Friday was similar to the original play, although there were a few changes added into the play. For starters, three of the characters from the original play’s gender roles were switched from male to female, which were Ariel, Caliban, and Prospero. Also, they changed the ending to a more forgiving ending compared to the original play’s ending. 

There were a few factors that stood out to me: the costumes of the actors and actresses matched their character’s “theme.” For example, the characters who were more related to nature wore green colors to represent their “nature theme,” while the characters who were related to the ships wore regular clothing. I loved how lighting effects were added in the play, which attracted the audience; also, I enjoyed how there were more props added to this year’s play. Last Friday’s play was an amazing experience and I just wanted to congratulate and thank these actors and actresses who took their time to perform the play for our school.  Also, we’d like to thank Mr. Disz for organizing this amazing experience for us!