Understanding Skills USA

Nick Crosley, Marine Tech Bronze Medal

Written by Cody McCauley

What is this Skills U.S.A. thing everyone is talking about? Skills U.S.A. is a competition for high school and adult students that go to STC (Suncoast Technical College) and other technical schools in the area. If your teacher allows you to go to Skills U.S.A., you will compete by completing several tests and tasks that will use your skills acquired in your CTE class.

As you know when you’re in a competition you are trying to win, that’s the whole goal in mind. Getting chosen to compete for your school is honorable, Marine Tech competitor, Nick Crosley said, “It felt good being able to go this year after turning down the opportunity last year.” This competition can also be stressful, and you may feel lots of pressure; Digital Design competitor, Jason Green emphasized, “It felt odd because I hadn’t done it before.” This shows how the competition helps students deal with real world situations and pressures.

This competition can be known as challenging as well. It is this way because all of your skills are being combined and used in difficult scenarios. While it is a hard competition to compete in, it is still a friendly environment. Green explained that yes, the competition was challenging but, “the judges gave me good advice.” This is nice to hear considering the point of being in a CTE class is to learn.

Nick Crosley placed 3rd at Skills in Marine Tech high school division and won some Matco tools, one of most popular tool companies. Jason Green placed 1st overall in Digital Design high school division, winning a gold medal and proceeding to the state competition.