Venice Indians Make it to Semi-Finals 

Venice Vs Braden River, High School Football

Written by Austin Rozelle



 A Friday night in late November was a night to remember. The Venice Indians have once again made it to the prestigious Final Four. Coach John Peacock is on his way to earning his third state championship ring. The final score of 28-21, brings Braden River to a well fought close of their season.  

Though Braden River came up with a close loss, their stats showed more. Quarterback Bryan Gagg had an outstanding game with 350 total yards and a total of 2 complete touchdown passes.  The Braden River Pirates has called him the Man of the Match.  The Braden River Pirates had a total of 3 Touchdowns and a total of 3 Interceptions. The Pirates end their season with a district season of 4-1.  

The Venice Indians pulled out the win with a total of 4 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Running back Brandon Gregory had a total of 92 yards. The Venice Indians named two players for the Men of the Match. First being Brandon Gregory, and Zack Sessa for having an average of 59 yards last game with 4 touchbacks. The Venice Indians will play St. Thomas Aquinas. This match will determine who will be in the State Championship.  

Pictures courtesy of the Herald-Tribune