In the Know: The Vex Team Interview

Written by Brianna Barron 

December 12, 2018 


Recently, we interviewed some of the students in the Vex Competion, which were: Quinn Coomer, Armand Segui, Rafael Treminio Bravo, and Cannon Spencer. We asked them various questions, about their project and about the club. The students in the club were very nice and welcoming. Some of the questions that were asked were:  

“Did you enjoy the project?” 

The majority of them answered with Yes, they have been doing it for a long time. Some of them even started in middle school due to both an ongoing interest in the creation of robots and their parents encouraging it.  

“What did you guys create?” 

They created a robot that is designed to meet challenges. Since every year the competition changes they have to accomplish a new task every year. This year’s competition was to shoot yellow balls at the flags or flip caps.   

“Is it the same robot every year?” 

No, since the competition changes they have to design a whole new one specifically suited for that one task.

“How long does creating the robot take you?”  

It usually takes them all year, the robot that was designed this year took them about 3 weekends. They would plan out on who’s house they’ll go to, to build it, test it, and go forward from that. It’s a lifestyle. 

“Why did you join the club?” 

Majority of them talked about how throughout their childhood they would love to see how things worked, so when they saw the opportunity in 6th grade, and 9th, they decided to join.  

“Would you recommend this club to others?”  

The majority of them said yes, and how being part of the club isn’t always easy, but you have to use simple concepts, dedication, and time. 

“Is this part of TSA or is it something separate?” 

It’s a project in TSA but not part of a competition, unlike in Vex. 

Yes, it is part of TSA, but they compete mainly for the Vex competition.  

Interviewing Vex was an amazing opportunity, to where we learned a lot about different things that we didn’t know before. It was nice to find out about their robot and the competitions that they have. A special thanks to those students who we interviewed as well.