What Makes a Good Student

Written by Reagan West 

Everyone, at one point in their life, has been a student of some kind; most of you reading this are high school students right now.  Have you ever wondered what makes a ‘good’ student?  I went out to gain insight and ask the perspectives from a teacher and from a student. 

The first teacher asked was Mr. Brunetti.  His answer was straight forward and to the point.  He answered, “A student that communicates well with the teacher.”

A few words from Ms. Fuller: “A good student learns the qualities of thinking ahead, this will help them in their future endeavors” 

From a student’s point of view on what makes a good student, I turned to Cassie Thomas: “One that pays attention in class, they are responsible and respectful” 

I got another student’s opinion, named Anthony Cuffaro: “Someone that is nice to the teachers and is respectful, does their work on time, can get along with other people easily. They can easily communicate with other people and they are accountable for their actions and words”. 

9th grade student Kamryn Barker had this to say: “Well, they have to be responsible, accountable, someone who tries their best, they’re always on time and they do not miss a lot of school. A good student is someone who pushes their boundaries, someone who is able to grow and adapt and is always willing to learn”.  

You might believe a perfect student has to garnish a 4.0 GPA or straight A’s; not so. Although there isn’t an exact formula of what makes good student, it appears both the teachers and students can agree that a good student has excellent communication skills and takes responsibility and accountability so they can help better their future.